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Civil & Environmental Technology B. Tech.
Civil Engineering Technology A.A.S.
Construction Technology Management A.A.S.

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to our undergraduate students. Ensuring that our students are successful in their education and future careers is our top priority. Combined with a low student:faculty ratio, our faculty bring extensive industrial experience to their instruction, making for an engaging and practical learning environment. Students praise our faculty for their accessibility, tutoring, academic/ career mentoring, enthusiasm, and passion.


Robert Blickwedehl, P.E.

Adjunct Assistant Professor (retired Visiting Professor)

Office: Nevaldine North 114

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Robert Burnett


Office: Nevaldine North 121
Phone: 315-386-7159
Email: burnettb@canton.edu

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Paul Hitchman

Instructional Staff Associate

Office: Nevaldine North 112
Phone: 315-386-7161
Email: hitchman@canton.edu

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Joseph Reilly

Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator for Civil Engineering Tech AAS, and Construction Tech

Office: Nevaldine North 114
Phone: 315-386-7313
Email: reillyj@canton.edu

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Andrew Reiter


Office: Nevaldine North 116
Phone: 315-386-7220
Email: reitera@canton.edu

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Adrienne Rygel, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Department Chair, Program Coordinator for Civil & Environmental Engineering Tech. B. Tech

Office: Nevaldine North 123
Phone: 315-386-7163
Email: rygela@canton.edu

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Yilei Shi, Ph.D., P.E.

Assistant Professor

Office: Nevaldine North 123
Phone: 315-386-7024
Email: shiy@canton.edu

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Civil & Environmental Engineering Technology
Adrienne Rygel, Ph.D.
Department Chair