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Civil & Environmental Technology - Program Description

The Civil & Environmental Technology (C&ET) curriculum provides students with a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) degree that meets the demands of today's industry. The C&ET B. Tech program provides graduates with the background necessary to be competitive and successful with their career. Graduates will also have the opportunity to pursue graduate study. Students gain preparation in general engineering technology concepts as well as specialized training in civil and environmental technology. This four-year curriculum provides flexibility with program electives for students to pursue areas of specific interest.

Hands-on experience and training prepare graduates for challenges encountered in the construction and environmental industry, including analysis, design, project and resource management, structures, geotechnology, environmental concerns, and common laboratory testing of materials.

Students in this Major:

  • Are prepared for careers in the civil, environmental and construction industries
  • Develop CADD skills
  • Learn to do structural analysis and design
  • Learn surveying
  • Learn assess and remediate environmental contamination
  • Perform construction material laboratory tests
  • Practice professional communication
  • Work on and lead team efforts

Admission Requirements:

  • Freshmen will meet all general admission requirements to SUNY Canton.
  • Students should have completed four years regents level high school math and be ready for Pre-Calculus (MATH 123) and College Physics I (PHYS 121/125). Students not meeting these criteria will be required to take prerequisite math courses.
  • Students with a two-year college degree in a related program area will be evaluated
    and awarded maximum credit. They must have a minimum grade point average of
    2.75. Other transfer students will be evaluated on case-by-case basis.
  • Refer to the table of high school course prerequisites for admission.


Semester I Credits

ENGL 102 Oral and Written Expression (GER 10) 3
ENGS 101 Intro to Engineering 2
MATH MATH Elective 4
PHYS 121 College Physics I (GER 2) 3
PHYS 125 Physics Lab I* 1
SOET 116 Intro to Computer Aided Drafting & Design 2

Semester II Credits

CONS 172 Technical Statics 3
ENGS 102 Programming for Engineers 2
MATH MATH Elective 4
PHYS 122 College Physics II 3
PHYS 126 College Physics II Lab 1
SOET 250 Intro to 3D CADD and BIM 2

Semester III Credits

CHEM 150 College Chemistry I and Lab (GER 2) 4
CONS 101 Elementary Surveying 4
CONS 272 Strength of Materials for Technicians 3
CONS 280 Civil Engineering Materials 3
MATH 162 Calculus II 4

Semester IV Credits

CONS 220 Engineering Materials 3
CONS 285 Engineering Geology 4
CONS 322 Hydraulics 4
CONS 336 Structural Analysis 3
MATH MATH Elective 3

Semester V Credits

CONS 203 Advanced Surveying 4
CONS 385 Hydrology and Hydrogeology 4
CONS 386 Water Quality 4
Program Elective** 3

Semester VI Credits

SOET 274 Construction Management 3
CONS 387 Water and Wastewater Treatment 3
SOET 370 Engineering Economics 3
  General Electives (3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9) 3
  Program Electives** 3

Semester VII Credits

CONS 314 Soil Mechanics* 4
SOET 377 Engineering Technology Issues 1
  General Electives (3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9) 3
  General Electives (3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9) 3
  Program Elective** 3
  Program Elective** 3

Semester VIII Credits

CONS 477 Capstone Project 3
SOET 348 Engineering Safety 1
  General Electives (3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9) 3
  Program Elective** 3
  Program Elective** 3

* Fulfills writing intensive requirement.

** Must be from approved list of program electives for the CET program or permission of program coordinator. One program elective must be in Structural Steel Design (CONS 324), Reinforced Concrete Design (CONS 304), or Structural Engineering Design (CONS 375).

GER=General Education Requirement

Note: Civil & Environmental Technology students must meet eight of the ten General Education Requirements and successfully complete the SUNY Canton Computer Competency requirement.


Civil & Environmental Technology
Adrienne Rygel, Ph.D.
Department Chair