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Forms & Worksheets

 All forms are in PDF format. We are in the process of converting all forms to fillable PDF's.

If you have trouble downloading any forms, you can contact the office and request them to be sent via email or postal mail.


  • Consortium Agreement
    Complete this form if you will be taking courses at another institution and want to receive financial aid to help with the costs.

  • FAFSA Signature Page
    Complete this form if you or your parent did not sign your FAFSA form with a Federal Pin Number.

  • Federal Financial Aid Disbursement Options
    Complete this form to allow SUNY Canton to use your Title IV financial aid to cover non-institutional charges (Medical Insurance, Roo Express, Telephone, Parking fines, Library Fines, etc.), pay a prior balance and/or hold for a future semester.

  • Federal/State Aid Waiver Application
    Complete this form if you have been denied federal or state financial aid and want to appeal. Submit supporting documentation for your request is required. The Director will re-review your file and determine if your request is approved or denied.

  • New York State Residency Application
    Complete this form to confirm your status as a New York State Resident.   Before completing the form you should review the basic guidelines to see if you qualify.

  • Parent Credit Check Consent Form
    Complete this form if you want to check for a credit denial to use for a parent loan override. This form does not apply for a loan, it simply does a quick credit check to see if you would be approved.



Use these forms if you are applying for financial aid for the Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Winter 2015, or Spring 2016 semesters. Check back for updates as more are added.

  1. Request - for a Direct Parent Loan
    Save time! Complete the application online and get an immediate credit decision at studentloans.gov instead of using the paper form.  Note: the online application will not be available until late April 2015.
  2. Request - for Independence Consideration
    Complete this form if you do not meet the criteria listed in the FAFSA to be considered an independent student and wish to request consideration as an independent student.  Please note that proving you are "self-supporting" is not basis for an override. There must be extenuating circumstances.
  3. Request - for Special Circumstance Consideration
    Complete this form if someone in your family has had a change in income (decrease) from 2014 to 2015. Instructions are provided and further documentation is required.
  4. Verification Worksheet - Dependent Student
    Required for any dependent student whose FAFSA form was selected for verification. Submit with a signed copy of both your and your parents' 2014 Federal 1040 Income Tax Transcripts.
  5. Verification Worksheet - Independent Student
    Required for any independent student whose FAFSA form was selected for verification. Submit with a signed copy of your 2014 Federal 1040 Income Tax Transcript.
  6. Verification Worksheet - EOP Student
    Required for all first-time EOP students to assist in determining financial eligibility for admittance into the EOP program.
  7. Worksheet - Asset Data
    Required for students who selected to skip questions on the FAFSA form but have since been determined ineligible to do so.
  8. Worksheet - No Parent Data on FAFSA
    Required if you checked the box on the FAFSA that you are unable to provide any parental information. Use this form clarify your intention and proceed with obtaining financial assistance.
  9. Worksheet - Parent Information Required
    It has been determined that you needed to have parent information reported on the FAFSA. Use this form to provide all required information so we can make the corrections or update all required data on your FAFSA.
  10. Worksheet - Verification of Legal Dependents
    Required if you are under 24 years of age, not married, and have a legal dependent.
  11. Worksheet - Verification of Orphan, Foster, or Ward of Court status
    Required if you checked yes to one of these questions on the FAFSA.



Contact the Student Service Center if you need assistance with obtaining prior year forms.


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