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Course Changes (Drops/Adds)

Students matriculated in a SUNY Canton program may add or drop courses themselves through their UcanWeb account using their registration code provided by their advisor. If the student receives an add error, the instructor must give permission to the student by either signing a Course Change Notice or submitting an email permission to the student with a copy to the Registrar at registrar@canton.edu.

The Academic Dean of the program in which the student is matriculated must also give permission for all course withdrawals and additions.

Dropping a Course

Beginning the fourth day of classes for any Spring or Fall term, SUNY Canton degree students must process a Course Change Notice to drop one or more, but not all, or to add any courses. If a student is dropping all courses for a given term, a College Withdrawal Form must be used.

Students not in a SUNY Canton degree program will complete a course change notice if dropping all courses for the semester.

Adding a Course

All information on the Course Change Notice is to be completed by the student. The student must sign the form.

If a student is adding a course(s), the instructor(s) must give permission for the student to be added. This permission can be secured either by their signature on the form, or by email to the student with a copy to the Registrar.


Once all required permissions are obtained, a $20 required fee must be paid to process the form. Off campus students can make this payment via the Online Payment portal.

Properly completed, signed forms accompanied by payment of the course change fee must be received by the Registrar's Office before the close of business on the last day for withdrawal for the term or course.

Non-Degree Students

Students who are not matriculated at SUNY Canton do not need an advisor's or Dean's signature, and are subject to the $20 fee. Payments not made at the time the form is submitted will be added as a charge on the student’s account and will prevent access to grades, transcripts, etc.


Withdrawing from the college is a serious issue. Before you withdraw speak to your Dean, Advisor, the Counseling center, and a financial aid advisor. View information about the Withdrawal procedure.

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