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Withdrawal from College

If a student wishes to withdraw from all courses for a given academic term, an official College Withdrawal Form should be processed. All student information on the form should be completed, including the last date of class attendance. The student must sign the form.

If the student is not enrolled in a SUNY Canton degree or certificate program (part-time non-degree), the form may be submitted directly to the Registrar either by mail or by FAX to (315) 379-3819.

Matriculated students need to seek permission from the Academic Dean for their program. This permission can be secured by telephone or email. On campus students should complete the form and take it to their Dean's office for signature. Additional clearances are required for on-campus students.

Students may not withdraw from college during the last ten instructional days of a full semester, exclusive of the final exam period. The last day for withdrawal from Summer and Winter terms is posted with information for those terms. Properly completed, signed forms must be received before the close of business on the last day for withdrawal for the term.

Refunds of tuition and fees are dependent on the date of official withdrawal. See page 19 of the college catalog for the semester schedule for reimbursement of tuition and fees. Specific refund periods for Summer and Winter terms are identified with the calendars for those terms.


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