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Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement Leadership - Program Description

The Law Enforcement Leadership program blends the disciplines of criminal justice, law enforcement and management. It provides the foundation to allow graduates to seek entry positions in law enforcement or to seek promotion into supervisory and management positions. Most graduates of this program will seek employment with law enforcement agencies, other governmental agencies or in the private sector. Since the program provides ample opportunities for electives, students may choose electives that may help them to develop or hone management skills, or acquire knowledge and skill in law enforcement techniques.

Students in this Major:

  • Develop leadership and managerial skills to succeed in law enforcement agencies
  • Analyze critical issues in law enforcement
  • Study under the tutelage of experienced law enforcement professionals
  • Are exposed to current issues and state-of-the-art technology
  • Culminate their education with a semester-long internship or additional course work
  • Have the opportunity to attend the David Sullivan-St. Lawrence County Law Enforcement Academy as an internship site
  • Can choose to take all classes for degree online!

Career Opportunities:

  • Law enforcement officers at local, state and federal level
  • Law enforcement management for municipal, state and federal agencies
  • Probation and Parole
  • Security consultants
  • College and University campuses

Career Outlook:

  • Jobs for graduates in law enforcement are projected to increase by 7% through 2020 according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Higher education requirements for entry level employees of law enforcement agencies at all levels are becoming more common.

Admission Requirements:

  • Refer to the table of high school course prerequisites for admission.
  • Students must be prepared to take College level math (GER1).
  • Students must be prepared to take Expository Writing (ENGL 101) or Oral and Written Expression (ENGL102).
  • Transfer students must meet re-registration requirements to be considered for admission.


Semester I Credits


JUST 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
BSAD 100 Intro to Business 3
ENGL 101 Composition and the Spoken Word (GER 10) 3
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology (GER 3) 3
MATH Math Elective (MATH 111, 121, or 123) 3


Semester II Credits


JUST 110 Criminal Law 3
JUST 111 Criminal Procedure 3
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology 3
  American History Elective (GER 4) 3
  Humanities Elective (GER 7) 3


Semester III Credits


CITA 110 Intro to Information Technology 3
MATH 141 Statistics (GER 1) 3
  Natural Science Elective w/Lab (GER 2) 4
Liberal Arts Elective (GER 5, 6, 8, or 9) 3
General Elective 3


Semester IV Credits


JUST 201 Critical Issues in Criminal Justice** 3
JUST 207 Police Services 3
ECON 101
ECON 103
POLS 105
Macroeconomics (GER 3) OR
Microeconomics (GER 3) OR
Intro to American Government and Politics (GER 3)
  U/L Program Elective**** 3
  General Elective 3


Semester V Credits


JUST 321 Managing Law Enforcement Training 3
JUST 333 Managing Patrol Function 3
JUST 344 Civil Liability Issues for CJ Admin  
BSAD 301 Principles of Management 3

U/L Program Elective****


Semester VI Credits


BSAD 319
JUST 314
Professional Ethics OR
Ethics and Criminal Justice
  U/L Program Elective****
  U/L Program Elective****
U/L BSAD or JUST Elective 3
General Elective 3


Semester VII Credits


BSAD 375 Leadership and Decision Making 3
JUST 335 Criminal Justice Agency Management 3
JUST 429 Intro. to Culminating Experience***** 1
JUST 449 Current Issues in Law Enforcement 3
  General Elective 3
  General Elective 3

Semester VIII Credits

JUST 430 Culminating Experience in Criminal Justice AND/OR ***
U/L BSAD or JUST Electives

Program Elective = JUST, BSAD, ECON courses

** Writing Intensive Course
*** Students may elect internships that are worth 3 – 15 credits. Those who elect less than 15 credits of internship must complete additional approved electives to complete the degree requirements.
**** BSAD 305, JUST 310, JUST 317, JUST 323, JUST 326, JUST 334, JUST 341, JUST 350, JUST 353, JUST 375
***** This course is only required for students intending to take JUST 430 Culminating Experience in the 8th semester.

U/L = Upper Level course (300/400)
GER=General Education Requirement

NOTE: Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement Leadership students must meet eight of the ten General Education Requirements and successfully complete the SUNY Canton Computer Competency requirement.

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CJ: Law Enforcement Leadership
Curriculum Coordinator
Lisa Colbert