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Nursing - Program Outcomes

Expected Level of Achievement

Student Achievement Outcome Data

Graduates will meet or exceed the national and state pass rate on the NCLEX-RN licensing examination.

2016 first time pass rate: 67.69%. (ADN), NYS 83.23%, national 82.7%

60% of students admitted to the SUNY Canton AAS program and enrolled in full-time nursing courses will complete the program within 150% of the prescribed time.

2013 cohort: 59.4% full-time students taking NURS 101 for the first time in the given fall semester completed the program within three years.

90% of graduates will express 
satisfaction with the nursing program.

2015: 100% of graduates indicate they have met program SLOs; 87.5% rated overall program satisfaction as very satisfied or satisfied

90% of graduates will be employed as a registered nurse within six months of graduation or will be enrolled in a baccalaureate program.

2016 graduates: 100% of graduates who are registered nurses are employed or enrolled in a baccalaureate program.

90% of employers will express satisfaction with graduate's performance.

2015 graduates: 91.8% of employers are very satisfied or satisfied with graduate's performance.

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