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Physical Therapist Assistant Program Mission

The Physical Therapist Assistant program serves to prepare students for rewarding careers as competent entry level physical therapist assistants. The program provides a supportive learning environment which fosters development of the core values of the physical therapy profession as students prepare to function as integral members of the health care team in an ever changing technological society.


  1. To provide academic and clinical environments that allow students to obtain knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level practice as a PTA, with faculty who are committed to maintaining currency in physical therapy practice.
  2. To set high academic standards, in the classroom and clinic, to prepare students to be successful on the national licensing examination.
  3. Actively promote the development of values-based behaviors for the Physical Therapist Assistant through continuous self-assessment and activities integrated throughout the technical course work and clinical experiences.
  4. Provide experiences that will allow students to develop an appreciation for their role as members of a health care community that promotes health and well-being for society.


  1. Licensing Examination: The two year pass rate for program graduates will meet or exceed 85%.
  2. Graduation Rate: 70% of students admitted to the program will graduate within three years.
  3. Employment Rate: 90% of graduates seeking employment will be employed within one year of graduation.
  4. Professional Behaviors: 90% of employers will report that graduates demonstrate appropriate professional behaviors.
  5. Clinical Problem Solving: 90% of employers of graduates will report that the graduate demonstrates sound clinical problem solving.
  6. Physical Therapy Interventions: 90% of employers will rate graduates as competent in performing physical therapy interventions.
  7. Physical Therapy Data Collection: 90% of employers will rate graduates as competent in performing physical therapy data collection.


Outcome data is reported as an average of two graduating classes of students. The outcomes provided below reflect graduation cohorts for 2015 and 2016.

Employment: 95.8% of graduates actively seeking employment were employed within one year of graduation.

Licensing Examination: Two year overall pass rate is 96.8%

Graduation Rate: Two-year average for students graduating within a 3 year period is 82.5%.


In Fall 2017, 93% of qualified applicants were offered admission to the program; 54% enrolled in the PTA program.

Deborah Molnar, PT, DPT, MSEd
PTA Program Director
(315) 386-7394