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Learning By Doing!

Sports Management Students Run the USCAA Women's Volleyball National Championship

In the fall of 2012 and 2013, Sports Management Students were called upon to help conduct the USCAA Women’s Volleyball National Championship event hosted by SUNY Canton and once again earned great praise from USCAA officials and participating coaches and College officials.

Students filling out the bracket Students selling merchandise
Student selling tickets to the tournament Students holding Championship banner

In addition to running the three day event, many of the same students were busy filming clips and interviewing players and coaches for feature story presentations and conducting press conferences after tournament matches for Sports Media and Broadcasting class and Sports Public Relations class.

Student Interviewing Four Players Team Interviews
Press Pass



Students Ryan Lamica, Kyle Clark, Andrew Gearsbeck and Evan Drew along with camera person Meg Gibson record a pre-game show prior to the SUNY Canton men’s basketball game vs Clarkson University.

Students recording pre-game show

Sports Event Management Class Makes Big Impression with USCAA Officials

After making a great impression with USCAA officials at the first USCAA National Volleyball Tournament hosted by SUNY Canton, sports management students were asked by the USCAA to work at the their combined Men’s and Women’s National Basketball Championships held in Pennsylvania.  Five students made the trip and again earned great praise from USCAA Officials "What a week! We had an incredible tournament, with so much going right. I must say the young men who were present did an outstanding job. We had several compliments from people at Penn State Fayette and from our Executive Director on the job that they did. The most impressive part was the limited supervision they needed—when they were asked to do a job, they didn’t need to be asked again, and on several occasions, didn’t need to be asked at all.

"I commend them for the outstanding job they did, and we certainly hope they enjoyed their time working with us. It is a major stress reliever when you have people working with you who are more than capable and don’t need to be micromanaged. They were respectful, professional, and proactive. We couldn’t have asked for better help, and I will be pushing for a continued partnership with your program,”

Ryan Ehrie, Director of Championships
United States Collegiate Athletic Association
Spring 2013,

uscaa 2

Play by Play!

Students in Matt Metcalf’s Applied Sports Media and Broadcasting class practice their announcing, play by play and interviewing skills all recorded to video during the Section X High School Girls Basketball playoff games held at SUNY Canton.

RSN Broadcast RSN Broadcast
RSN Broadcast RSN Interview
Senior Students Plan, Conduct Community Golf Tournament
Golf Tourney

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Golf Tourney Registration Golf Tourney Registration
Golf Tourney Registration Golf Tourney Participants

Students in Applied Sports Event Management ready for registration at the 2015 Sports Management Tee-Off Classic.  Held end of April, the golf tournament is open to the public and organized and conducted by the students (left to right: Brian Guyadeen, Jess Rhodes, Craig Myers, Ray Irish, Alex Rude, Brandon Solon)

Golf Tourney Announcement Golf Tourney

Left, Marcus Smith welcomes the 64 golfers! Right, Michael Bay presents members of the Renzi Brothers Team with their hole sponsor flag. Renzi Brothers from Watertown, NY has been the tournament’s corporate sponsor each year.