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Greek Life

The mission of the Office of Greek Life is to enhance the quality of student life as well as promote an atmosphere where chapters and individuals can excel. We aim to empower current members of the Greek community through advising and educating with purpose, communicating with alumni, and cultivating collective partnership across campus.

We promote and foster the following areas within the Greek community, civic engagement, community relations, service and philanthropic outreach, and personal and organizational accountability.

Currently, we have ten social Greek organizations (six sororities and four fraternities). We invite you to learn more about Greek Life here on our website and by contacting the Greek Affairs Office at 315-386-7688.

SUNY Canton Greeks

Quick Facts

  • Fraternities have been a part of SUNY Cantons community since 1912 and sororities since 1918.
  • During the 2015 academic school year fraternities and sororities community completed 1536.5 community service and campus service hours.
  • Greek Affairs works in conjunction with the Canton Chamber of Commerce each semester to complete a community event.

Recruitment and New Member Education

SUNY Canton GreeksSUNY Canton’s Greek Life Office encourages an educational and welcoming approach to recruitment and education of new members. Practices of “rushing” and “pledging” and the negative associations tied to these practices are not accepted.

» New Membership Form


Recruitment starts at the beginning of the semester, Greek organizations actively promote their organizations and seek new members. Typical events for recruitment may include meet and greet programs, game nights, ice breaker activities, and events in the dorms on campus or at Greek residences off campus. It is recommended that you meet all Greek Organizations before completing New Member Education.


The last day of recruitment Greek Organizations will offer potential new members a bid (invitation) to start New Member Education. The bid must be signed and submitted back to the organization before you may start New Member Education.

New Member Education

New member education is a three-six week period each semester where students invited by the Greek organizations are educated about the history and mission of the organization as well as have an opportunity to get to know the current members of the organization better.

Fall 2018 Semester - New Member Education (NME)

Period 1 - Monday, October 1, 2018 - Saturday, November 10, 2018


Recognized Greek Organizations at SUNY Canton

Eligible to Recruit New Members - Click on an organization to view sanctions.

  • Alpha Chi Omicron - AXO
  • Pi Nu Epsilon -ΠΝΕ
  • Kappa Xi Omega - ΚΞΩ
  • Delta Sigma Tau - ΔΣΤ
  • Beta Sigma Zeta - ΒΣΖ
  • Sigma Omega Epsilon - ΣΩΕ
  • Gamma Sigma Zeta - ΓΣΖ
  • Upsilon Zeta Iota - ΥΖΙ
  • Delta Omega Epsilon - ΔΩΕ
  • Alpha Omega Chi - ΑΩΧ

Ineligible to Recruit New Members - Click on an organization to view sanctions.

Not Recognized by the College