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Travelers should use the most efficient and cost effective method of transportation available. Often times this means using a common carrier such as a train, bus, taxicab or airplane.  When choosing a method of transportation several factors should be considered like; the distance traveled, the travel time, number of travelers, number of locations to be visited, and type of transportation available.

When a common carrier is available but a more expensive method is chosen without sufficient justification, reimbursement may be limited to the common carrier rate.  Attach all original receipts to voucher to show means of transportation and amount paid. When possible, travel should be scheduled using NYS travel services contracts.

If a trip is cancelled at the direction of the agency, the traveler will not be responsible for any costs incurred. If cancelled for the traveler’s convenience, he/she may be responsible for any costs.

State Vehicles

Rental Vehicles

  • The rental agreement should be submitted with the Travel Voucher. When renting a vehicle for State business, the traveler should rent in the name of New York State and sign the agreement as agent for the State. Contact information for Enterprise is as follows:


    Telephone: 1-877-881-5500
    Vehicle Rental Website
      • Any gasoline purchases, as well as any other direct costs associated with the vehicle will be reimbursed.
        • Reasons for using a rental car may be public transportation not available or a rental car is cheaper than alternative transportation.

Personal Vehicles

Air Travel

  • Our University uses the services of Child Travel New York. Contact information is as follows:
    • Child Travel New York PS66730
      d/b/a Child Travel, A direct Travel Company
      30 Corporate Drive
      Clifton Park, NY  12065
      (518) 292-9020
      e-mail: CTTravel@dt.com
      After Hours Emergency Assistance: 800-774-0655, Option B

When booking airfare you will be asked for a 5 digit code. Our agency code is 28360.

Keep in mind: Airline and rail transaction fees through the Online Travel Reservation System (Concur) is only $4.95. This is significantly less than the agent-assisted airline transaction fee of $14.95 and is less than fees charged on most airline travel sites.

A complete list of transaction fees is available at: www.ogs.ny.gov/purchase/snt/awardnotes/7900522536PL_TMS.pdf


Office of Travel Services
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Travel Card Administrator
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