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Online Tutoring Assistance

What we offer:

The Tutoring Center offers assistance to students who are distance learners who do not have the ability to use our on-campus services. Online tutoring is designed to provide academic assistance, including tutoring, to students enrolled full time or part time at SUNY Canton.

Online assistance may take place in a variety of formats including the following:

  • Webcam
  • Email
  • ANGEL/Blackboard
  • Skype

Please let the tutor know what format you prefer and have the technology for when you set up your session!

How to access our help:

If you are interested in requesting online help, you can contact the specific lab directly and schedule an appointment. All labs offer services on a first come, first serve basis and your request will be answered in the same order. Please access the lab schedule on our main page to ensure you are contacting the lab during open business hours. Contact information for each lab is listed below:

How to contact us:

Please call or email the lab you are seeking help from. If you chose to contact  us via email, please attach or refer to the specific assignment that you would like help with. Contact information for each lab can be found below:

Writing Center

Contact: Melissa Manchester, Academic Specialist

Email: writingctr@canton.edu  Phone: (315)386-7308


Math/Science Tutoring & Learning Center

Contact: Tamra Woodrow, Assistant Director of the Tutoring Center

Email: mathsciencetutor@canton.edu   Phone: (315)386-7065


Business/Accounting Lab

Contact: Robin Palm, Professional Tutor

Email: acctlab@canton.edu   Phone: (315)379-3880


Engineering Lab

Contact: Paul Todd, Lab Coordinator

Email: tutoring@canton.edu   Phone:(315) 379-3996


General Studies Lab

Contact: Ross Miller, Professional Tutor

Email: tutoring@canton.edu   Phone: (315)386-7065



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