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About Us

The Business/Accounting Lab offers tutoring to students enrolled in any Business, Accounting, Economics, Finance, or Office Technology course at SUNY Canton. All tutoring services are FREE. As an integral part of the Southworth Library Learning Commons, the Business/Accounting Lab, parallel to other learning labs, maintains a comprehensive collection of resources and materials, a highly-qualified professional staff, and services that cultivate learning and comprehension for successful college experiences.  In addition, we encourage learning via study tips and test-taking strategies. Our goal is to increase confidence in all students by providing them with resources, support, and guidance.

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Lab Resources

Tutoring is just one of the resources available in the Business/Accounting Lab. We encourage students to use our space to complete assignments, conduct group study sessions and meet with their professor(s). The Lab is a resource-rich environment that includes:

  • Textbook Collection
  • Calculators
  • Worksheets
  • WiFi and Printing

Connect with Us!

Southworth Library Learning Commons - 1st Floor

Phone: (315) 379-3880

Email: acctlab@canton.edu. Email correspondence is available for general assistance and questions during open hours.


Business/Accounting Lab Forms and Handouts

  1. Income Statement & Retained Earnings
  2. Balancesheet
  3. General Journal
  4. T Accounts
  5. Worksheet without adjustment column
  6. Worksheet with adjustment column
  7. FIFO-LIFO Template

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