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About Us

The Business & Accounting Lab offers tutoring to students enrolled in any Business, Accounting, Economics, Finance, or Office Technology course at SUNY Canton. All tutoring services are FREE. The Business & Accounting Lab maintains a comprehensive collection of resources and materials, a highly-qualified professional staff, and services that cultivate learning and comprehension for successful college experiences. 

Lab Resources

Tutoring is just one of the resources available in the Business & Accounting Lab. We encourage students to use our space to complete assignments, conduct group study sessions and meet with their professor(s). The Lab is a resource-rich environment that includes:

  • Textbook Collection
  • Calculators
  • Worksheets
  • WiFi and Printing

Connect with Us!

Southworth Library Learning Commons - 1st Floor

Phone: (315) 379-3880

Email: acctlab@canton.edu. Email correspondence is available for general assistance and questions during open hours.

Online Tutoring: The Business & Accounting Lab offers online tutoring services to students taking online courses with SUNY Canton and do not reside locally.

Please email the Business/Accounting Lab (acctlab@canton.edu) with the following:

  • A copy of the problem as part of the body or as an attachment
  • Your question or questions
  • Additional or preferable contact information, such as phone number. Often the answer to phone question sparks another; therefore, a conversation may be more helpful.

A tutor will respond within 24-48 hours on weekdays (Monday through Thursday).  Emails received after 3 pm on Thursday will not receive a response until Monday morning at the earliest.

Business & Accounting Lab Forms and Handouts

  1. Income Statement & Retained Earnings
  2. Balancesheet
  3. General Journal
  4. T Accounts
  5. Worksheet without adjustment column
  6. Worksheet with adjustment column
  7. FIFO-LIFO Template

Betty J. Evans Tutoring Center
SUNY Canton
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, NY 13617