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Business & Accounting Lab

  1. Income Statement and Retained Earnings
  2. Balance Sheet
  3. General Journal
  4. T Accounts
  5. Worksheet Without Adjusted Trial Balance
  6. Adjusted Trial Balance
  7. FIFO-LIFO Worksheet

Writing Center

  1. Annotated Bibliographies
  2. Integrating Sources and Quotations into your Paper
  3. Evaluating World Wide Web Resources
  4. Plagiarism: What is It?
  5. Public Speaking
  6. Research Paper Checklist
  7. APA: A Quick Reference Guide
  8. MLA: A Quick Reference Guide
  9. Setting Up the APA Header: A Step-by-Stop Guide
  10. Creating Your Citation Page & Formatting the Hanging Indent
  11. Comma Use


  1. Yellow Chemistry Conversion Card
  2. Zygote Body 3D Anatomy Online
  3. A&P I Bone Picture Flashcards Portfolio*
  4. A&P I Organ Picture Flashcards Portfolio*
  5. A&P I Skin & Tissue Picture Flashcards Portfolio*

Open in the Adobe desktop program

Zygote Body 3D Anatomy (Online)

Zygote Body 3D Anatomy Online LogoZygote Body 3D Anatomy is a free online Anatomy & Physiology resource where students can view the human body in 3D right from their computer. By clicking and interacting with the 3D model, you can practice learning bones, muscles, organs, and more. Simply adjust settings on the left sidebar and customize your view to suit your studying needs. 

Need help? Visit the STEM Lab on campus or online to review the material. 



All SUNY Canton students have access to Grammarly, an online proofreading and editing tool that helps writers develop sentence-level writing skills, reinforce revision habits, and detect plagiarism.

To access free Premium services, please sign up for Grammarly using your SUNY Canton email address. Personal emails will not receive premium services without purchase.

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