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Excused Absence Request Form

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Please see http://www.canton.edu/dos/absences.html for information about our excused absence policy.

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Students may be excused from classes (including quizzes and hourly examinations) for the following reasons: religious observance, military service obligation, or pregnancy-related care. All others remain between you and your faculty member(s).

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Please note that any documentation that is needed in order to review your request can be emailed to bish@canton.edu, faxed to 315-386-7990, or brought in person to Miller Campus Center 229 - Dean of Students’ Office. We will not be able to review your request until the documentation has been submitted. All documentation must be submitted, along with this form, within 5 class days of the missed class(es). No excused absences will be issued for reasons other than those listed below.

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All excused absences will be reviewed and you will receive a response at your SUNY Canton email address within 3 class days of the date that you submitted this form and provided any necessary documentation to the Dean of Students’ Office. If you have questions about this process, please email bish@canton.edu.