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Billing Instructions - Fall Semester

Due Date:August 5

Your bill must be submitted by August 5.

We will add a $40 late fee and DROP courses & room assignments for all unpaid bills.

Start Here

  • Log in to your UCanWeb account.
  • Go to the 'Student Menu', then choose the 'Billing Menu'.

Part 1: Complete, Submit and Pay your bill:

  1. Select the 'Complete Enrollment Confirmation/Billing forms; View Adjusted Bill' option. See below for details.
    • Complete the 'Enrollment & Billing Confirmation' web page.
    • Complete the 'Financial Aid Disbursement Authorization' web page.
    • Remember to do the health insurance waiver if you have your own coverage.
  2. After completing both pages, return to the menu and select 'View Adjusted Bill'.
    • Review your charges, add a Roo Express account if desired, and submit bill for processing.*
    • Print a copy for your records.
    • Note the status of your bill. It will say PENDING until it has been reviewed and PROCESSED once the review has been completed by a staff member.
  3. Set up payment of any balance due by using the link for online payments or by mailing a check payable to "SUNY CANTON" to the Student Service Center.

Part 2: Confirm your bill has been processed:

  1. Check the processing status of your bill, it will say Pending until it has been reviewed. Once review is complete, the status will be updated to Processed.

    To check the status of your bill, return to the 'Student' menu, then 'Billing' menu, select 'Complete Billing Forms; View Adjusted Bill' and then 'View Adjusted Bill'.

  2. WATCH YOUR EMAIL! We will notify you of issues that are delaying the processing of your bill.

  3. You will receive an email receipt once your bill has been processed. Your receipt is the confirmation that you are officially registered for the semester. Parking tags can be picked up at University Police the weekend before classes begin.

If you will not be returning to SUNY Canton, please notify the Registrar as soon as possible in writing by fax (315) 379-3819 or email registrar@canton.edu .

* Submitting online materials without payment or payment arrangement does NOT guarantee you will retain your pre-scheduled courses or room assignment.

Listed above is the overall process to complete your billing requirements online. If you are unfamiliar with this process or have questions, you will find the following information helpful in making your choices when completing the required online forms.

Note: You can continue making changes on these online forms until you choose to submit the information. Once submitted, any changes or additions can only be made through the Student Service Center.

Required Billing Forms:

The Enrollment Confirmation/Billing form:

  • Graduation: Indicate if you plan to graduate at the end of the semester.
  • Parking Fee: Enter your license plate number or decline on-campus parking.

The Federal Financial Aid Disbursement Authorization form:

  • Choose the appropriate options which allows federal aid to pay health insurance, parking and Roo Express charges; pay a previous balance and/or hold aid for a future semester. All students with federal financial aid, including loans, must complete this form.

The View Adjusted Bill form (with option to add Roo Express):

  • View all of your charges for the semester. The initial status of your bill will be PENDING, it will be updated to PROCESSED once a staff member in the Student Service Center has completed the processing of your bill (after you have submitted it).
  • A Roo Express account is a discretionary spending account to use at the textbook center, campus store, and all dining facilities. You can request an amount up to $1,000 per semester (separate from any amount attached to your meal plan). If you have a credit balance and adding Roo Express causes a balance due, you must pay that balance or we will lower the amount of the Roo Express. To adjust your Roo Express credit after your bill has been processed, contact the Student Service Center.

Payment Options:

  • PAPER CHECK: Make check payable to 'SUNY Canton'. Be sure to include the student's Banner ID or Social Security Number on the check. Mail in to the Student Service Center.
  • ONLINE: Pay by credit card or electronic withdrawal from a checking or savings account online at SUNY Canton Online Payment.
  • PAYMENT PLAN: To set up monthly payments, SUNY Canton recommends the TuitionPay Plan. This plan allows you to pay the balance of your bill over a 4 or 5 month period for the semester, depending on when the plan is set-up. There is no interest, just an enrollment fee of $35/semester. For questions about the payment plan, contact TuitionPay at (800) 635-0120 or sign up online at HigherOne Tuition Payment Plan.

Housing Options:

  • Living ON Campus:
    If you plan to live on campus, verify the amount of the Room and Meals charge on your bill (rates listed below). The charge is based on your housing application, or if no application exists the standard rate will be listed. If a message appears on your bill indicating no housing application exists, contact the Residence Life Office at (315) 386-7513 or reslife@canton.edu .
  • Living OFF Campus:
    If you have already been released, you should not have a Room and Meals charge on your bill. If you would like to be released to live off campus, you must contact the Residence Life Office at (315) 386-7513 or reslife@canton.edu to obtain a release before your bill can be processed.

Explanation of Charges (per semester)

*** All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice ***

PLEASE NOTE: Charges are subject to change due to the NYS budget process. In the event that there are any increases to charges you will be notified by the Student Service Center.

Tuition rates are based on residency status and current program of study. Tuition is still subject to change at a later date.

NYS Residents Out-of-State
Associates Degree/Certificate Programs
Bachelor Degree Programs

The Medical Insurance Fee is mandatory for all full-time students not covered by comparable insurance. Students are billed by semester. Waiver of this charge cannot be given after the end of the add-drop period (first 5 class days) in any semester. The spring semester fee is effective to mid-August.

Fall Semester Spring Semester
US Students
International Students

The Parking Fee is mandatory for all students parking a vehicle on campus. The amount is based on the number of credits you take per semester. Effective with the 2012-2013 academic year this will be an annual charge. If paid during the fall semester, the same tag will be used for the spring semester, and there will be no spring charge for parking. See the Traffic and Parking Regulations webpage for further details.

12+ Credit Hours $188.60
1-11 Credit Hours 80.60

The Comprehensive Fee is made up of the following charges:

Name of Fee Full-Time Charge Charge per Credit
1. Alumni Fee $15.00 $0.00
2. Recreational Facilities Fee $40.00 $3.35
3. Activity Fee $105.00 $8.75
4. Athletic Fee $219.00 $18.25
5. College Fee $12.50 $0.85
6. Educational Technology Fee $172.50 $14.40
7. Health Fee $160.50 $13.40
8. Transcript Fee ** $5.00 same as full-time
9. Placement Fee *** $20.00 $0.00
10. Orientation Fee *** $100.00 same as full-time
11. Graduation Fee **** $10.00 same as full-time

**Charged to all students regardless of the number of credit hours.
***Charged for first full-time semester only.
****Charged to those graduating at the end of the semester only.

  1. The Alumni fee supports the College Alumni Association. Alumni services include; scholarships, gatherings, alumni weekend, and the alumni newsletter. You may request a waiver of this fee by submitting a written request to the SUNY Canton Alumni Association, FH 200, before the end of the 4th week of classes. If you are a scholarship recipient, you may not waive the Alumni fee. If you have not been awarded a scholarship and choose to waive the Alumni fee, you will not be eligible for future scholarship assistance. The Alumni Office thanks you for your support.
  2. The Recreational Facilities fee provides membership for the utilization and staffing of the SUNY Canton Fitness Center and Campus Center Gymnasium. You may submit a written request for a waiver to the VP for Administrative Services, FH 200, no later than the end of the 4th week of classes.
  3. The Activity Fee is a mandatory fee imposed by the students for the students. This fee was passed with an 87% approval of the students. It is used to support student government activities. All student clubs, organizations, newspaper, radio station, intramural activities and campus events ar funded from this fee. Payment of the fee enables an individual to join any of the organizations or attend any of the events sponsored by the student government.
  4. The Athletic Fee is a mandatory fee that supports a comprehensive intercollegiate athletic program.
  5. The College Fee is a mandatory fee imposed by the State University of New York.
  6. The Educational Technology Fee is used to support student access to computer networks, library information systems, multimedia classrooms, engineering, health and business technologies as well as future infrastructural modifications and other instructional technologies.
  7. The Health Fee is a mandatory fee which provides student health care and health education on campus. This is not Medical Insurance. Having medical insurance does not exempt you from this fee.
  8. The Transcript Fee is a mandatory fee which provides students with free official transcripts, upon written request, for life.
  9. The Placement Fee is a one-time mandatory fee charged to all first-time students. This gives students access to the career services educational and vocational library with resources for both students who want to transfer and those who are seeking employment. Graduates may use the resources and services of the office at no charge.
  10. The Orientation Fee is a one-time mandatory fee charged to all first-time, full-time students for social, cultural, and educational activities related to entering college.

Room and Meal charges are as follows:

Double Triple Single Suite, Double Suite, Grasse River Double, Grasse River
Laundry Fee

Standard charge based on Double occupancy. Additional chare for single or suite, reduced rate for triple. For questions regarding your room assignment or release from housing, contact the Office of Residence Life at (315) 386-7513 or reslife@canton.edu.

Additional Notes

Financial Aid Deferments

Certified financial aid may appear on the bill to assist you in determining your balance due. Although the actual funds have not yet been received, SUNY Canton assumes you will follow the appropriate financial aid procedures to have this aid credited to your account. Failure to complete the financial aid process will result in the cancellation of the anticipated financial aid. If you have applied for financial aid that does not appear as a credit on your bill, contact the Student Service Center to check the status and/or inquire about a deferment prior to the bill due date.

Roo Express Account

This is a discretionary spending account which can be used at the textbook center, campus store, and all dining facilities. A maximum of $1,000 per semester can be set up. This account is accessed with the student ID card. You may also establish this discretionary spending account, separate from your financial aid package, online at www.GET.CBORD.com or by contacting the College Association at (315) 386-7624 or orologiob@canton.edu.

Attention EOP Students

Most EOP students will be eligible for financial help in purchasing textbooks. Please stop in to see your EOP Counselor (before purchasing textbooks) if you have any questions, starting one week prior to classes. The EOP Office is located in Campus Center 234.

Hold Policy

Untimely payment of outstanding student account balances may result in a hold being placed on a student's account and the subsequent withholding of enrollment, grades, transcripts, diplomas and class selection. Students are encouraged to contact the Student Service Center to discuss any special circumstances surrounding an outstanding account. Balances remaining at the end of the semester are subject to referral to the New York State Attorney General or a collection agency.

Student Service Center
SUNY Canton
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, NY 13617

Financial Aid email:

Student Billing email:

Tel: (315) 386-7616
(800) 388-7123
Fax: (315) 386-7930