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Companion Animals

Students working with a catStudents participate in all aspects of the animal’s care, and have the unique opportunity to work with dogs and cats housed in our kennel facilities on campus throughout the academic year. Animals are brought in from local animal shelters, where they are a given a complete physical exam, spayed or neutered, checked for internal and external parasites, have their ears cleaned and nails trimmed. Students also may take radiographs, participate in dental cleanings, assist in surgery and administer vaccinations.

Coursework includes Fundamental Veterinary Nursing Skills I & II, Small Animal Medicine and Therapeutic Techniques, Radiographic Techniques, Anesthetic Principles and Animal Hospital Practices and Procedures.

Equine & Food and Fiber Animals

SheepStudents monitoring a cowStudents are introduced to the husbandry, management and nutrition of agricultural animals. Hands-on nursing and diagnostic techniques are performed on horses, dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, swine, goats and other "farm animals."


Coursework includes: Introduction to Animal Agriculture, Health and Disease of Farm Animals and Large Animal Medicine and Therapeutic Techniques.


Laboratory & Exotic Animals

FerretStudents learn about birds, chinchillas, ferrets, rabbits, reptiles, amphibians, pot-bellied pigs, turtles and other exotic species. Client education, husbandry practices, zoonotic risks and veterinary medical issues are discussed. The Veterinary Science program frequently hosts guest speakers on wildlife rehabilitation, reptile handling and primate husbandry.Parakeet

Coursework includes: Fundamental Veterinary Nursing Skills I & II, Small Animal Medicine and Therapeutic Techniques, and Research Animal Techniques.

Students examining a rabbit

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