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Winter Term Tutoring

Limited tutoring will be available during Winter Term. Please contact the appropriate lab about hours and specific course coverage:

Math/Science Tutoring and Learning Center

Contact: Tamra Woodrow

Email: mathsciencetutor@canton.edu

Phone: (315) 386-7065

Business and Accounting Lab

Contact: Robin Palm

Email: acctlab@canton.edu 

Phone: (315) 379-3880

Writing Center

Contact: Melissa Manchester

Email: writingctr@canton.edu

Phone: (315) 386-7308

Engineering Lab

Contact: Andrew Harvey

Email: engineeringlab@canton.edu

Phone: (315) 379-3996

Late Night Learning Lab

Contact: Henry Sieg

Email: latenightlab@canton.edu

Phone: (315) 386-7065

For general information about Winter Term tutoring, please contact the Betty J. Evans Tutoring Center at (315) 386-7879.

Betty J. Evans Tutoring Center
SUNY Canton
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, NY 13617


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