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Funeral Services Administration - Aims & Goals

Funeral Service Administration Program Mission Statement

The Funeral Service Administration (FSAD) Program at SUNY Canton is dedicated to providing a high-quality comprehensive funeral service education program that presents the applied knowledge necessary for funeral directing while empowering students to strive for personal growth and professionalism.

FSAD Vision Statement

Our Vision is to create a new generation of funeral directors who are caring, compassionate, and competent in assisting families with the mourning process.

FSAD Values Statement

The foundation of funeral directing is built upon providing care to families who experience the death of a loved one. We honor the memories and life accomplishments of the dead through the use of personal shared experiences, funeral rites, and ceremonies which serve to facilitate the beginning of the mourning process. Our intent is to provide a learning environment where students become aware of the value of high quality funeral services, memorialization, and professionalism to the community at large. Our educational style is personal, relevant, supportive, caring, and compassionate.

FSAD Motto

“Serving the Living by Caring for the Dead with Dignity & Respect.”

Aims & Goals of FSAD Program

This is accomplished by:

  • Enlarging the knowledge base of students regarding the funeral profession and its practices.
  • Educating students in every phase of funeral service and developing proficiency and entry level skills for the profession, as defined in the Preamble of the ABFSE Accreditation Standards.
  • Educating students concerning the responsibilities of the funeral service profession and how these responsibilities serve the community-at-large.
  • Demonstrating and emphasizing a high standard of ethical conduct.
  • Providing a curriculum at a post-secondary level of instruction.
  • Encouraging students and faculty to conduct research in the field of funeral services and publish their results on current issues relating to the funeral profession.


Funeral Services Administration
Program Director
David Penepent
(315) 386-7170