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Smith Hall

This residence hall is located closest to Parking Lot 1, and close to Chaney Dining Hall. It is also close to Newell Vet. Tech. Center and the Nevaldine Hall.



This floor is a special interest floor for those interested in gaming (such as video game systems like X-Box, Wii, Nintendo), board games, and card games. 

Automotive Tech Floor

This floor is for students interested in automotive technology. These individuals are typically in the same major/ have similar schedules.

Please keep in mind all first and second floors will be tripled.

East Wing
1st Floor Non-Themed, Co-ed (Triples)
2nd Floor Automotive Tech (Triples)
3rd Floor Non-Themed, Co-ed

North Wing
1st Floor Non-Themed, Co-ed (Triples)
2nd Floor Non-Themed, Co-ed (Triples)
3rd Floor Non-Themed, Co-ed

South Wing
1st Floor Non-Themed, Co-ed (Triples)
2nd Floor Gamer Floor (Triples)
3rd Floor Non-Themed, Co-ed

*These Floors may or may not be tripled as well

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