Degree Prerequisites

Program Title

*Associate degree required before entrance into Bachelors program

**Selective Admission

Prerequisite Regents Exams

MATH English Chem Bio
70+ on 1 math regents exam and passed 2nd year of math 70+ on 2 math regents exams and passed 3rd year of math 70+ on 3 math regents exams or 75+ on Geometry regents 80+ on 3 math regents exams or 75+ in Pre-calculus course 75+ 65+ on regents & 75+ on 2nd math regents 75+ on regents & 65+ on chem regents


Agribusiness Management, B.B.A. check        check    
Applied Psychology, B.S. check       check   check
Civil & Environmental Engineering Technology, B. Tech     check   check    
Criminal Investigation, B. Tech check       check    
Cybersecurity, B.S.     check   check    
Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement Leadership, B. Tech check       check    
Early Childhood Care and Management, B.B.A. check       check    
Electrical Engineering Technology, B. Tech     check   check    
Emergency Management, B.S.   check     check    
Finance, B.B.A. check       check    
Funeral Services Administration, B. Tech check       check    
Game Design & Development, B.S.     check   check    
Graphic and Multimedia Design, B.S.   check     check    
Health and Fitness Promotion, B. Tech* check       check    
Health Care Management, B.S.   check     check    
Homeland Security, B. Tech check            
Industrial Technology Management, B. Tech     check   check    
Information Technology, B. Tech     check   check    
Legal Studies, B.S. check       check    
Management, B.B.A. check       check    
Mechanical Engineering Technology, B. Tech     check   check    
Nursing, 2+2, B.S.*   check     check    
Sports Management, B.B.A. check       check    
Sustainable Energy Technology, B. Tech     check   check check  
Technological Communications, B.S. check       check    
Veterinary Service Administration, 2 + 2, B.B.A.*   check     check    
Veterinary Technology, B.S.     check   check check check


Accounting, AAS check       check    
Air Conditioning Eng. Tech., AAS     check   check    
Apprentice Training: Industrial Trades, AAS must have or be working on BOCES Journeyman's Certificate
Automotive Tech., AAS check       check    
Business Administration, AAS check       check    
Business Admin. - Transfer , AS   check     check    
Civil Engineering Technology, AAS     check        
Computer Information Systems, AAS check       check    
Construction Tech. Management, AAS check       check    
Criminal Justice, AAS check       check    
Dental Hygiene, AAS**     check   check 75+ check
Early Childhood, AS check       check    
Electrical Eng. Tech., AAS     check   check    
Engineering Science, AS       check check check  
General Technology, AAS     check   check    
HVAC Engineering Technology, AAS     check   check    
HVAC Trades, AOS     check   check    
Individual Studies, AAS Only on Dean's Request
Liberal Arts & Sciences: General Studies, AA, AS check       check    
Mechanical Eng. Tech. , AAS     check   check    
Nursing, AAS**     check   check 65+ 75+
Physical Therapist Assistant, AAS     check   check 75+ 75+
Veterinary Science Technology , AAS     check   check check check

Articulation Agreements

Environmental Science & Forestry, 2+2 w/ SUNY ESF       check check check check
Forest Technology, 1+1 w/ SUNY ESF check       check   check
Upstate Medical Univ. Early Admissions       check check check check

Certificate Programs - high school diploma required or GED score of 245/2450 **

Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair              
Electrical Construction & Maintenance              
Heating & Plumbing              
Motorsports Performance & Repair              
Practical Nursing     check   check 65+ check

Certificate Programs - High school diploma required or TASC/GED score of 245/2450. IEP diplomas are not considered.

** SAT/ACT scores are recommended for all first-time degree seeking students but required for all prospective student athletes.

If you have questions, are a transfer or an out-of-state student, please call the Office of Admissions (1-800-388-7123) for more information.