Swipe it Forward

A lack of regular access to food is an issue that plagues many college students. Food insecurity or access issues impacts a student’s ability to succeed academically. Recognizing hunger should not be an obstacle for students to thrive, College Association has developed the Swipe it Forward program as an additional campus resource to support students in need.

Through the Swipe it Forward program, student meal plan holders that have unused guest swipes may offer up to two of their designated swipes to this program. Donations are accepted twice during the academic year - October and March. These meal swipes are then donated to a student in need.

Any SUNY Canton student is eligible to request meals. Please submit the form below to participate. The Dining Office will log and date all requests, and approve/deny the submission. Please note that students with sufficient meals and guest passes will be denied; this includes Unlimited Meal Plan holders. Student with more than two requests per semester will need to meet with a Dining Manager. Approved swipes will be added to the student meal plan. When a non-meal plan holder use a Swipe it Forward pass, they will inform the cashier who will have a record that the student has a guest pass. Please allow 24 hours for processing. Requests made on a weekend will be considered a Monday request.

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