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Before the Trip - Research Foundation

The following list needs to be checked as you are planning your trip. These items will help you to determine the cost of your excursion and will expedite the process.

  • Check per diem rates for the area.
    (Over the Maximum Per Diem will require prior approval by Melissa Tulip)
  • If you would like to request a RF Travel Card for your trip, please fill out the application for Bank of America Visa – RF Travel Card at least 4 weeks prior to your travel. The card can be used for many expenses, saving you out of pocket expenses.
  • Decide on whether to take a State car or a personal car ( state car preferred )
  • Airfare must be on a travel card and booked through one of the two contract vendors.
  • Registration information, pay on Travel card or procurement card when able.
  • Make sure appropriate Account information is filled in and account has the funds to support your trip.
  • Provide information regarding the trip such as conference brochure and list of participants.
  • Approval by Supervisor and/or Account Custodian for funds.
  • Approval of the VP for Administrative Affairs and/or the President.
  • Approval of your dept VP for all out of state travel.

Please allow at least Two Weeks processing time for the RF Request to Travel Form before your scheduled departure date.

RF Request to Travel Form (Excel format); Complete in Excel, print, sign.

Director of Research and Sponsored Programs
Betsy Rohr Adams
SUNY Canton
MAC 602
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, NY 13617


Administrative Assistant I
Rebecca Blackmon