Employment Resources

Positions at the college are separated into two general categories; the "classified service" comprised of various campus support positions, many of which require completion of a civil service examination, and the "unclassified service" made up of teaching faculty, administrators and professional staff, which usually require advanced degrees and experience in the appropriate field. Positions in the classified service are filled after canvassing of civil service "eligible lists", if applicable, and interviews with supervisory staff in the department. Positions in the unclassified service are filled after regional or national searches and a review by a broad based search committee.

Information about job vacancies at the college are available in the Human Resources Office, are posted throughout the campus and on our web site, are listed with the NYS Department of Labor, and routinely are advertised widely. Information about other state jobs is also available at the Department of Labor and at the NYS Employee Resource Information Center.

Information regarding campus crime statistics is available from University Police.

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