Employment Program Options

There are several voluntary employment program options that may be of interest to you, depending on your circumstances. If you are interested in exploring any of the employment program options below, please be sure to consider the impacts on your retirement and benefits.

Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule (VRWS) Program

VRWS is a program that allows eligible M/C, UUP, PEF, and CSEA represented employees to voluntarily reduce the number of hours they work for a corresponding reduction in pay. These requests must be approved by your supervisor and the area VP/Department Head. If you are interested in this program, please contact Human Resources, at hr@canton.edu.

Phased Retirement Program

A phased retirement allows eligible M/C and UUP represented employees to transition into retirement by planning a reduction in work and obligation. If you are interested in a phased retirement, please contact Tina Flanagan, Benefits Coordinator, at flanagant@canton.edu.

Annual to College-Year Appointment

Professional employees represented by UUP in a 12-month appointment (annual) may be considered for a 10-month appointment (college year). Employees in a 10-month appointment have a 2-month period of non-obligation as approved by their supervisor and area VP/Department Head. The employee’s salary is adjusted accordingly for a 10-month appointment. If an employee elects and is approved for a 10-month appointment, they must request to continue the reduction annually. Employees interested in switching to a 10-month appointment should first discuss feasibility with their supervisor. These requests must be approved by the area VP/Department Head, President, and Human Resources. For questions related to salary and obligation, please contact Natasha Flanagan, Payroll Examiner, at flana110@canton.edu.

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