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IDAP Application Information

Completed applications should be emailed to IDAP@canton.edu. Questions, please contact Julie Parkman at parkman@canton.edu or 315-386-7119.

Funding for IDAP

The Individual Development Awards Program is funded through labor-management funds negotiated Article 21, Statewide Joint Labor-Management Committees of the Agreement between the State and UUP. Proportional allocations are assigned to each Campus Professional Development Committee based on the number of UUP represented employees on a campus. The Campus Professional Development Committee is required to dedicate a minimum of 15% of the funds allocated to their campus to part-time employees. If applications from part-time employees amount to less than 15% of the total funds, then the remainder from the set amount can be reallocated to awards for full-time employees. On campuses where more than 35% of the employees are part time, the Campus Professional Development Committee should consider increasing the portion of funds set aside for part-time awards.

Awards (effective 9/2022)

  • The maximum amount that can be awarded for each employee under this program is $2,000. 
  • Employees may be funded for up to two projects or activities, not to exceed a total of $2,000 for the funding period
    • The date for submitting a completed application with attachments is determined by the Campus Professional Development Committee.  Announcements will be made that applications are being accepted through UUP listserv.
    • The decision to fund an application is at the discretion of the Campus Professional Development Committee. 
    • Program Evaluation There is no requirement to submit a Program Evaluation to the NYS/UUP JLMC office. Each Campus Professional Development Committee determines the type of evaluation to be submitted to the Campus Professional Development Committee upon completion of the projects or activities.

IDAP Campus Committee

Julie Parkman, Chair
Amani Awwad
Patricia Endres
Christina Martin
Kathleen Pearson
Michaela Young