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UUP Tuition Support Program


  1. Complete the required * information in the form
  2. Human Resources will review the request to certify your eligibility and will forward the request to the One-Hop Shop Student Service Center
  3. Register for the course via the Part-time Non-Degree Portal and select 3rd Party pays.

Notification to Employee

Article 49 of the UUP Negotiated Agreement provides for a tuition assistance program as follows: The State agrees to continue the existing tuition assistance program using a “space available” concept. When space is available, employees may enroll in a course on a tuition-free basis subject to the following requirements:

  1. The University determines when space is available, recognizing that such determination must be made in sufficient time to permit enrollment by employees;
  2. The following courses do NOT qualify for space available designation: Independent Study, Student Teaching, or non-credit courses;
  3. Employees must meet course prerequisites;
  4. All fees other than tuition shall be paid by employees;
  5. Employees may enroll in a maximum of one course per semester and special session, for example, summer session and intersession;
  6. Minimum enrollment requirements established by the University as a necessary condition for offering a course shall not be affected by students interested in enrolling in a course on a space available basis; and
  7. The program shall continue for the term of the Agreement.


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