Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation is intended to protect employees against loss of income or loss of employment when they are necessarily absent from work because of an on-the-job injury or illness.

All employee accidents, regardless of severity level, must be reported immediately to your supervisor and an Accident Injury Report Form must be completed. The requested information is required by law, under the NYS PESH Rule Part 801. Failure to do so could mean loss of benefits.

Should your accident end up resulting in the need for medical attention on the day of the accident or on a future date; it is imperative that you forward documentation to the Human Resources Office.

Employees who incur an occupational injury or illness may be eligible for benefits provided in accordance with the NYS Workers' Compensation Law. Benefits may include compensation for medical care, disability or death from injury arising out of and in the course of the performance of an employee's duties.

Our Worker's compensation carrier is The New York State Insurance Fund, 1045 7th North Street, Liverpool, NY 13088.

The injured employee must provide medical documentation to support all absences connected to the work related injury. Documentation must include the following for it to be acceptable: the diagnosis, prognosis & estimated period of absence. It is the employees’ responsibility to obtain appropriate medical documentation. All medical statements are to be turned in to Human Resources. The doctor’s office may fax it to 316-386-7868. It will remain confidential and Human Resources will in turn notify the employees’ supervisor of their status.

Prior to returning to work, a medical certificate, from the employees’ physician, must be submitted to Human Resources, stating the exact day on which the employee is able to return to work and if there are any restrictions. If there are restrictions, they must be specific and state when the restrictions  can be lifted. Light duty may be considered when a person is 50% or less disabled  and will be 100% fit for duty within 45 days of return to work. An employee may be required by the College to undergo a medical examination by a New York State doctor at any time during their workers’ compensation leave.

Further information is available from the Human Resources Office, the Worker's Compensation Board, or from the Workers' Compensation Guide.