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Our Mission

SUNY Canton is dedicated to providing a progression of accessible, affordable, high-quality applied programs that enable students in the North Country, New York State, and beyond to achieve their highest potential both personally and professionally.

Vision Statement

Educating the leaders of tomorrow for careers in the global technological economy.

Values Statement/Distinctive Identity

We Value...

  • A Student-Centered Philosophy... by keeping students' best interests at the center of everything that we do.
  • Excellence... by challenging everyone to perform at a consistently high level through continuous quality improvement.
  • Integrity... by treating others with honesty and respect during every interaction.
  • Success... by creating an environment that encourages maximum personal and professional growth and helps students translate that growth into meaningful action.
  • Diversity... by fostering a culture of inclusiveness that values individual differences, gives voice to all in the campus community, promotes the free exchange of ideas based on merit, and encourages a global perspective.
  • Access... by offering affordable career- oriented public higher education to motivated, mature and disciplined students through innovative delivery methods.
  • Sustainability... by implementing viable long-term options for resource usage, disaster management, transportation, and waste management in connection with all campus activities and weaving sustainability concepts throughout the curriculum.
  • Flexibility... by embracing change to better address the needs of the college community and society at large.

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

The Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs) represent the knowledge, skills, and attitudes students are expected to develop as a result of their education experience at SUNY Canton.

Goals and Objectives

As the College moves toward 2020, there are seven key goals critical to educating students and assuring that the institution thrives.

  1. Promote Academic Excellence
  2. Improve Operational Effectiveness
  3. Optimize Enrollment
  4. Drive Decisions with Relevant Information
  5. Focus on Sustainability
  6. Create a Robust, Active and Enriching Campus Life
  7. Build Greater Awareness of SUNY Canton

Each of these goals has multiple underlying objectives, supporting initiatives, and action items that must be accomplished. In some cases, a goal represents a reaffirmation of what the institution has already achieved. In other instances, the goal, or some of the underlying objectives and action items are aspirational and/or chart a new direction for the College.