Employee Parking Permit Form

Please fill out the required information below to obtain a parking permit.

Parking passes are $10/year unless exemptions apply. Please review Traffic and Parking Regulations page for additional information about employee fee schedules.

Only one tag can be purchased per submission. To purchase a second tag, please complete the form again.

If you make an error in your information DO NOT submit the form again! A charge is assessed to your records for each submission. Contact University Police to correct any errors.

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** An additional charge of $1 will be applied for mailing to a home address. Please fill out the mailing address only if you are requesting home delivery. This is not necessary for office delivery or pick-up.



If you are exempt from paying parking tag fees, please select an option below. Mailing fees do apply to exempt individuals. To be considered a veteran, a DD214 should be on file with the college. Please contact Patrick Massaro for more information.