SUNY Policy for Archival and Historical Records: In order to preserve records of historical and archival value, certain categories of records are to be retained permanently. Among these are Presidents’ annual reports, minutes of campus councils, governance organization minutes or handbooks, inaugural or commencement records and important documents generated by or for the campuses such as strategic plans, accreditation reports, etc. Campuses should adhere carefully to the schedules for such records, retain them in a safe place and ensure their preservation when they are no longer needed on a daily basis.

For documents relating to the Registrar, Admissions, Financial Aid, and other offices that deal with student accounts and student records, please contact the Office for Document Retention under Administrative Services.

  1. Archives shall consist of material relevant to the history, records required for retention, or other material as assigned by the President or Provost including, but not limited to the following:
    • Minutes of the College Council
    • Minutes of the President’s Council (dissolved 9/3/13)
    • Minutes of the Faculty Assembly and its Committees
    • Minutes of ad hoc committees appointed by the College President or by the Presiding Officer of the Faculty Assembly
    • Newsletters, newspapers, proceedings, annual reports or yearbooks, etc. of any authorized group on campus that wants to record its history
    • Print and electronic records of college ceremonies and events such as Commencement, building dedications, Employee Recognition Day, etc.

    Materials placed in the Archives will preferably be in original form but may also be in duplicate or electronic form if this alternate form represents the best quality rendition that exists in the College’s possession.

    Materials from the Archives may be loaned to other offices on campus. Approval and the record keeping for such loans will be handled by the Archivist.

    The Archivist will attempt to use best archival practices in preserving the quality and integrity of all archival materials, within the budget and facilities available.

  2. Persons or groups originating pertinent records will be responsible for depositing them in the archives.
  3. The Archivist is responsible for facilitating the use of material through an appropriate system of organization and description.
  4. Appropriate State and Federal laws and regulations governing access to archival material will be followed.
  5. The College Archives is housed in Southworth Library Learning Commons. The College Archivist is appointed by the President.
  6. Those individuals who wish to use the Archives for research purposes should contact the College Archivist to schedule an appointment for the use of the facility and materials.
  7. The College Archivist is willing to do archival research for individuals and for groups.

Visiting the Archives – Policies

  1. The SUNY Canton College Archives is located in the basement of Southworth Library Learning Commons. Access is by appointment only.
  2. Personal belongings (i.e., books, papers, folders, pens, newspaper, bags, briefcases, computer cases, coats, and umbrellas) cannot be brought into the research room. Use of a laptop computer is permitted.
  3. Food and beverages are not permitted while archival material is in the room.
  4. Researchers do not have access to the Archives Repository.
  5. Archival material is highly fragile and vulnerable to improper handling. To minimize any damage, original documents must remain on the desk and separate from researcher’s notes. Documents must not be marked, rearranged, removed from their covers, or taken out of the research room. Please return files to their proper sequence in each box and make sure not to mix records from different boxes because it is vital that records remain in their proper boxes. In addition, leaving numerous files spread out on the tables is not permitted.
  6. Use pencils and notepads only. Ink, marker pens, and post-it-notes may not be used as they can damage the records.
  7. Archival materials may not leave the library building. Materials may be loaned to other offices on campus with prior approval arranged by the Archivist and after necessity has been evaluated. Each archival item will be inventoried and each item must be signed in and out by both the individual borrowing the item as well as the Archivist.
  8. The researcher shall acknowledge the use of the SUNY Canton College Archives in any publication which may result from their research through correct citation of sources. The researcher shall provide the SUNY Canton College Archives with a copy, free of charge, of any publication resulting from use of the Archives.
  9. The researcher shall obtain the permission of copyright owners where required by law, if they wish to make further reproductions of documents.