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Course Changes - Add/Drop


  • All course changes prior to the fourth day of classes can be made in UCan Web for continuing students. Beginning the fourth day of classes each semester, all changes will utilize the Course Change Notice (Drop/Add Form) which requires the signed consent of the advisor, the School Dean and, to add courses, the instructor(s). No change is official until the completed form has been presented by the student at the Registrar’s Office.
  • Students will not be permitted to add classes after the first three days of classes each semester, except in extenuating circumstances or in the case of late-starting classes. In such cases, the Drop/Add Form must be signed and dated by the instructor, advisor or department chairperson, and approved by the School Dean.
  • Withdrawal from Credit Courses – There will be no academic record of courses dropped during the first week of classes. Beginning the sixth day of classes, students may withdraw from credit courses without academic penalty (receiving a grade of “W”) under the following conditions, unless dismissed for deviant academic conduct:
    • In order to maintain the academic integrity of the institution, the academic focus of the students, and adequate student academic progress toward a degree, a matriculated, full-time student may not drop courses below a 12 credit-hour load while a semester is in progress without written approval of the School’s Dean. Students are encouraged to consult with the Offices of Financial Aid and Residence Life to determine the impact of this academic decision before dropping to part-time status.
    • Withdrawal from a course is accomplished by means of a Drop/Add Form available in the Deans’ offices. These must be signed by the advisor and the School Dean. A $20 fee must be paid at the Student Service Center, and the completed form must be delivered by the student to the Registrar’s Office. The course withdrawal will not be official until the form, fully completed, is received by the Registrar.
    • Withdrawal is allowed under the above conditions prior to the last ten class days of the semester. In courses less than a semester in length, withdrawal is allowed prior to completion of 85 percent of the class meetings.
    • Non-matriculated students are not required to obtain advisor and School Dean’s signatures but are still required to pay the $20 fee.
    • A student may withdraw from a course only once under the above conditions. A subsequent withdrawal from the same course will result in an “F” (failing) grade unless there are extenuating circumstances acceptable to the Dean of the School in which the student is enrolled.
    • Signatures of the advisor and School Dean do not necessarily indicate approval of the action but signify that the student is aware of the academic consequences of course withdrawal.
    • Failure to attend class or merely giving notice to an instructor is not an official withdrawal.
    • A “W” (withdrawn) will be recorded for courses dropped and will not be used in calculating GPA.
  • Students may withdraw from non-credit courses; official notice must be given in writing by the student to the Registrar’s Office. When the Registrar has been informed and the $20 fee has been paid, the official withdrawal will be executed with copies going to the student, instructor, Registrar, and Student Service Center.