Curricular Change Requests

A curricular change refers to the addition or deletion of a course whether affecting a single department, a single school, or the College at large; a change in a course name, a course description; or a change in the number of credit hours assigned to a course as within the jurisdiction of the College.

The following procedure must be followed in the initiation of a curricular change request using the Curricular Change Request cover sheet.

A curricular change suggested by a faculty member will be presented first to the respective department chairperson or, in the absence of a department chairperson, to the School Dean.

  1. Department faculty or, in the absence of a department, the academic unit will review the proposed change and, if approved, said change will be submitted to the School Dean.
  2. If the curricular change request affects the other departments within the division, the School Dean will consult the department(s) affected for its recommendation. The School Dean will determine the necessary and available support required for the proposed curricular change. The School Dean will either approve or reject the curricular change request. If the request is approved, the steps of this section will continue.
  3. The School Dean in which the proposed change is initiated will present the proposed change to all School Deans for consultation.
  4. When the curriculum change request has been approved by all departments and divisions affected, the School Dean in which the proposed change was initiated will present the curricular change request to the Curriculum Committee attached to a duly executed cover sheet. The Curriculum Committee’s recommendation will be transmitted to the Faculty Affairs Committee.
  5. The Faculty Affairs Committee will submit the curricular change request to the Faculty Assembly for action, or return it to the Curriculum Committee with instructions.
  6. Upon the approval of the Faculty Assembly, the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs will review the curricular change request along with all the comments and/or recommendations and will approve or reject the proposed change, and notify the President. If the curriculum change is rejected, it is returned to the Faculty Affairs Committee with instructions.
  7. The President will review the proposed changes and recommendation of the Provost. If approved, the President will notify the Presiding Officer of the Faculty, Registrar, Publications Staff, Web Coordinator, Curriculum Committee Chair, Director of Online Learning, Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Administration, Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Academic Services and Retention, Vice President for Advancement, Director of Admissions, School Deans, Director of Facilities and Capital Planning, Director of Human Resources/Affirmative Action Officer, Chief of University Police, Executive Director of College Association, Assistant Vice President for Advancement/Director of Athletics and Public Relations, Chief of Staff, and Faculty Senator. If rejected, the President will return it to the Presiding Officer of the Faculty.