Declaring a Change of Major Request - Students

Students declaring a major or requesting a change of major must meet re-registration requirements and consult with the Program Director or School Dean into which admission is sought. The student should initiate the Declaring a Major/Change of Major Request form with the Program Director or School Dean prior to attempting 31 credit hours. A student cannot have an undeclared major after attempting 30 credit hours. All contingencies affecting the change will be written on the form and signed by the student, the School Dean, and the student’s advisor as appropriate.

All students requesting curriculum changes for the Spring or Fall will be officially notified of the curriculum change decision by the new School Dean after final grades are available. The new Dean will also notify the other offices involved.

If the student is considered a first-semester freshman for quota purposes, the Dean of the School into which the student is changing will notify the Admissions Office. The Admissions Office will re-classify the student as a Continuing Student provisionally admitted until final grades are available. After final grades are available, the Admissions Office will then notify the student as to their status. A $50 freshman deposit will be required of students who are considered first-semester freshman.