Failure/Dismissal Policy

Notice of Failure

Sent to a student who will receive an F in the course unless they withdraw from the course. This would be a permanent decision, with no possible means of student remediation. At least one week prior to sending a Notice of Failure, instructors are required to send students a warning through the Moving Towards Success (MTS) system. Communication of this nature is through the MTS system, which disseminates information via the campus email system, the official method by which SUNY Canton communicates with students as stated in the Student Handbook. If a Notice of Failure is issued to a student in an online course, the instructor reserves the right to limit participation of the student in the online environment (i.e. from discussion boards, group assignments, etc); however, the student must retain access to the course content, including student evaluations.

Criteria for Notice of Failure

Failure due to lack of Participation/Attendance (see course syllabi) Academic dishonesty. The Notice of Failure can be issued at the discretion of the instructor; however, academic dishonesty is also criteria for dismissal.

Notice of Dismissal

The student will be permanently blocked from the classroom environment (online or face to face).

Criteria for Notice of Dismissal

Dismissal due to violation within the classroom setting of the academic and/or behavioral standards established in the Code of Student Conduct, Rights & Responsibilities (Code). The full policy can be found at Student Handbook under Student Life, Section 15.0.