Financial Aid - Eligibility - Repeating Courses

New York State Aid

State law indicates that “If a student repeats a course in which a passing grade acceptable to the institution has already been received, the course cannot be included as a part of the student’s minimum full-time or part-time course load for financial aid purposes. When such courses are included in meeting the minimum requirement, they render the student ineligible for the NYS TAP award.” In the following instances, repeated courses may count toward full-time or part-time study: (1) when a failed course is repeated, (2) when a grade received is passing at the institution but is unacceptable in a particular curriculum in which the student is enrolled (exceptions must be listed in the College Catalog), and (3) when a course may be repeated and earned each time.

Federal Financial Aid

Effective 7/1/2011, Federal regulation will allow a student to repeat a previously passed course only once and count toward Federal financial aid eligibility. This is different from the NYS law above in that a student can repeat a previously passed course only once even if unacceptable for the student’s curriculum.