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Graduation - Potential List


  • Students expecting to graduate will “Apply to Graduate” via UCanWeb by a deadline about the middle of the Spring semester each year. The exact date will be determined and publicized annually. The Registrar will prepare a list of potential graduates by curriculum within the Schools by April 1 each year. These lists will be forwarded to the School Deans for verification. The lists, as returned from the School Deans, will be used to prepare the graduation program and for distribution to the news media.


    1. A list prepared by the Registrar from information available will constitute the sole official listing of potential graduates. Those completing requirements subsequent to the previous May (i.e., August, December, and January) will be reported in a timely manner to the Registrar by the School Deans and retained by the Registrar for inclusion on the graduation program and certification lists issued once yearly.
    2. The official lists will be reviewed by the School Deans for accuracy.
    3. Within two weeks, the School Deans will return the verified lists to the Registrar.
    4. The Registrar will notify the Director of Public Relations of those students verified as potential graduates. All news releases will be held until the Registrar has given this notification containing curriculum name and address to the Director of Public Relations.
  • When final grades have been received at the end of the Spring semester, composite grade lists will be provided to the School Deans’ Offices. Faculty will examine said lists eliminating those students not completing graduation requirements.


    1. It is the responsibility of each faculty member to turn in final grade reports within the deadline established by the Registrar. Department Chairpersons must enforce this action in order to assure that accurate, complete, and timely processing of the composite grade lists can be achieved.
    2. School Deans, upon receipt of the composite grade lists, will review the respective lists for completeness, accuracy in grade reporting, accuracy in semester and cumulative averages, and determination of graduation eligibility.
  • The list of students completing graduation requirements will be prepared from the School composite lists and certified by the School Deans.
  • The ordering and dissemination of diplomas will be handled by the Registrar.