Study Abroad Credits - Process Chart

1. Works with advisor to complete “Study Abroad Course Pre-Approval Form”
2. Brings completed and signed form to International Office

International Office:
3. IO makes copy of Pre Approval form for student’s paper file, and scans to student’s electronic file.
4. Sends a copy to Registrar’s Office, Academic Dean’s Office and Student Accounts

5. Registrar places student in INTL 400 with the equivalent number of anticipated credits. (This is a temporary code until official grades from SA are received post -completion)

Host Institution:
6. Host institution (other SUNY) sends official study abroad transcript to International Office after student completes study abroad

International Office:
7. IO keeps a copy for student’s file (only an electronic file exists post-SA)
8. Sends the original to Registrar’s Office-Sends an e-copy to student

9. Registrar’s Office saves official transcript to file and inputs credits according to the Pre-Approval form with grades. Course info is uploaded so grades appear and count as residential credit would.

10. Student’s file will permanently include a supplemental transcript from study abroad. This will be sent with all future transcript requests.