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Background Investigations

This policy applies to new employees as of September 1, 2013. This policy shall be reviewed and revised annually, if necessary.

Policy Statement

To protect the welfare and provide for the safety of the students, employees, and institutional resources of SUNY Canton, Human Resources will administer the conducting of background checks on new employees.

Applicants will be advised that a background check is a condition of employment. Applicants will be required to complete an electronic authorization during the employment application process. SUNY Canton’s authorized vendor will conduct the background investigation that may include: identification and educational credential confirmation, employment and salary history, Social Security number verification, criminal conviction verification and sexual offender registry status. While each candidate will be asked to complete the release, a background check will be completed only on the successful candidate. The contract letter will include a statement that the employment offer is pending the satisfactory completion of the background check.

Human Resources will contact the Director/Dean or Vice President only if the background investigation produces results which may affect the employability of the candidate. All results of the background investigation are confidential and will be used by Human Resources and the appropriate Dean or Vice President if the background check reveals information which may affect the hiring decision. Criminal background investigation records will be received and maintained as part of a confidential file (to the degree possible) in Human Resources.

If an applicant or employee possesses an active security clearance issued by the US Federal Government, proof of that active security clearance will be considered in lieu of conducting a new criminal background check.


Human Resources is responsible for the management of the policy, including overseeing the background investigation process, confidentially reporting job-related negative results to the appropriate department, and the confidential storage (to the degree possible) of all findings.


Those who violate the terms of this policy, including violations of confidentiality, are subject to disciplinary action, including termination. Failure to disclose a conviction(s) is deemed falsification of application and may result in termination.