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College Association, Inc.

College Association (CA) is chartered as a not-for-profit educational corporation. It was established to conduct those functions of the College that are provided outside of the regular structure of the State operations. CA is authorized to function on campus by virtue of a contractual agreement with the State University of New York. The contract mandates conformance with broad guidelines which have been prepared for all campuses of the State University.

CA operates, manages and promotes services to the campus community in conjunction with the goals of SUNY Canton. The core services CA currently provide include dining, vending, campus store, residential laundry facilities, campus identification card services, accounting service for Student Government Association and management of the Roo Express Shuttle Service.

The property, affairs, business, and concerns of the corporation are vested in a Board of Directors consisting of eleven members as follows: four student directors, four faculty directors, and three administrative directors. The Board of Directors approves policies and provides oversight to management activities.