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Emergency Response Plan

In the event of any major emergency or disaster which would disrupt normal campus operations, the Chief of University Police will serve as the Emergency Response Coordinating Officer (ERCO) and initial contact for reporting all emergency situations as defined by the Emergency Response Plan (ERP). The ERCO will make the initial decision about the response and category of the situation and will consider and coordinate with the President and the Vice President for Administration the need to activate the Emergency Response Resource Group (ERRG).

The ERRG’s purpose is to determine the nature and extent of the potential (or occurring) disaster and to make a recommendation to the President as to the severity and resulting campus disruptions involved. Depending upon the nature of the potential disaster or the immediacy of the situation, the ERRG will activate the necessary campus personnel to direct local operations in those areas affected.

The ERRG is to minimize the effects of disasters by identifying measures to prevent or mitigate them, developing mechanisms to coordinate the use of resources and manpower during and after disaster, and providing for recovery and redevelopment following a disaster. A meeting of key personnel should be held as soon as possible to ensure that everyone is knowledgeable of the problem at hand, understands what their responsibilities are, what the course of action is to be, and that the Director of Public Relations will be the sole distributor of all information released to the public.

Emergencies such as snow and ice storms, power outages, energy emergencies, epidemics, major fires, civil disturbances, terrorism, air/water contaminations, explosions, floods, hazardous substance accidents, hurricanes, tornados or windstorms, or other catastrophes will normally be channeled through the University Police Department as the normal primary focal point for the reporting of incidents.

When an emergency or disaster is beyond SUNY Canton’s capability, dependent on the nature of the emergency or disaster, assistance should be requested from the St. Lawrence County government and/or the State University Construction Fund. St. Lawrence County government will request state assistance through the appropriate district office of the Office of Disaster Preparedness. The State University has established an Emergency Response Plan, Emergency Situation Guidelines, and SUNY Construction Emergency Declaration/Notification. If it is necessary, in the opinion of the Governor, the State will request assistance from Federal agencies or the President.