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Mailroom - Campus

The Mailroom is open from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.,Monday through Friday. It receives and distributes all classes of U.S. mail as well as intercampus mail.


  1. All departments are allocated funds for postage needs, and when these funds are exhausted, no further mailings will be allowed until authorized by the Business Office.
  2. All official mail must contain the account number of the department to be charged in the upper left-hand corner over the return address, or it cannot be mailed.
  3. All high volume mailings will be sent using the lowest cost available unless the person mailing specifies a preference: first-class, special delivery, FedEx, UPS, Overnight, and other common carriers.
  4. Films ordered by faculty members for classroom use are delivered to the School or Department Office on the regular mail delivery schedule. They are picked up for return on the same basis.
  5. Stamps are available for purchase in the Campus Store.
  6. When a large, bulk mailing is contemplated, please give the Mailroom advance notice so as to assure funds are available in our U.S. Postal Permit Fund.
  7. The Mailroom operates on a tight schedule in picking up mail between the various departments and locations on campus. This scheduling is necessary to meet pickups by the U.S. Post Office. No time is allowed for delivering or picking up other material not of a mail nature. If this service is required, please call the Mailroom, and we will coordinate a pick up at a time of convenience for all.
  8. Special delivery, UPS, and other courier services require that Mailroom staff sign when they accept delivery. When these items are delivered to the addressee, a signature will also be required before the item will be released.