Purchasing Procedures - College Specific

  1. Routine Purchasing
    1. Originator executes requisition (E-Req generated through web procurement system (Finance and Management System)), complete with all pertinent data. Two signatures are required before procurement action will be taken.
    2. Requisition is approved by Account Manager.
    3. Requisition is submitted to Purchasing Manager for action.
    4. Purchasing Manager processes the request after verification of availability of funds and appropriate signatures.
  2. Emergency Purchases (Not to be used for purchases exceeding $1,000)
    Under conditions when time will not permit normal procedures to be followed, an emergency purchasing authorization may be obtained through the appropriate personnel in the Procurement Office. Such authorization may be approved by the Vice President for Administration or designee. Form C-1 must be submitted as soon as goods and invoices are received.
  3. Repair of Equipment
    1. For typewriters, calculators, computers, printers, and other equipment repairs, contact the Procurement Office
    2. Equipment being removed from campus for repairs requires a Purchase Authorization and an Equipment Control Form (E-1).
  4. Other General Purchasing Information
    1. Requisitioner should anticipate the needs far enough in advance to allow ample time to process orders and effect timely deliveries.
    2. Non-contract orders in excess of $15,000 require the greatest processing time and should be submitted as early as possible.
    3. Non-contract purchase orders in excess of $20,000 cannot normally be processed after May 15.
    4. When merchandise is being ordered which may contain toxic or hazardous material, please indicate on the E-Req Form that Form OSHA-20 Material Safety Data Sheet be requested.
    5. If merchandise is to be previewed, an E-Req Form should be submitted indicating the desire to preview. If returned, the encumbrance will be canceled.
    6. Where competition may not be feasible due to the sole source nature of the product, a Sole Source Form must be submitted with the E-Req and the E-Req must be approved by the Vice President for Administration before a purchase order can be written.
    7. Any academic computer software or hardware must be reviewed by the Director of Information Services. This is to insure compatibility with the relevant mainframe and to insure no duplication of software.
    8. Reimbursement for reasonable meal expenses, not to exceed the State meal reimbursement rate, for search committee members meeting with candidates may be authorized by the appropriate Dean or Vice President. Prior approval from the Procurement Office, receipts for expenses, and list of participants are required.
  5. Purchases requiring special maintenance services such as plumbing or electricity should be approved by the Director of Facilities and Capital Improvement.
  6. Films are ordered through the Southworth Library Learning Commons.
  7. Unless ordering with a state issued Procurement Card (P-Card) no orders may be placed under any circumstances unless proper authorization has been received. State law requires that interest be paid if invoices are not cleared within 22 days of receipt of goods. Therefore, adherence to the above requirements will avoid such charges to departmental budgets.
  8. Competitive requirements may be waived by the Vice President for Administration when genuine emergencies or sole source situations exist.
  9. Orders placed with individual P-Cards must be independently managed and certified on a monthly basis. Untimely processing or misuse of the card will result in the loss of P-Card privileges.