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Suspension - Financial

Subsequent to granting a deferment based on special circumstances such as hardship or alternative third-party payment, a student will meet his/her obligation of paying tuition and fees in accordance with the dates specified on the Request for Special Circumstance Deferment Form. Payment dates are agreed to by the student and the designee granting the deferment.

Those students who owe considerable amounts and are not meeting their payment schedules and/or demonstrating non-performance in filing the appropriate financial aid application may be considered for financial suspension. The necessary steps to take before financial suspension occurs are:

  1. Contact student regarding non-payment and request explanation, and if extraordinary circumstances exist, the payment day may be extended.
  2. Check with Financial Aid Office on status of financial aid applications. If financial aid applications have been filed, the payment date may be extended.
  3. If student does not respond to letter requesting explanations of non-payment and has a meal ticket, all services and meal privileges will be discontinued until the student responds.
  4. Individual problem situations will be discussed with either the Director of Financial Aid or the Director of Student Accounts.
  5. The failure of the student to meet all outstanding financial obligations by the end of the sixth week of classes will result in financial suspension from the College unless college officials deem otherwise.

    The date of the financial suspension will constitute the date of official withdrawal from the College for liability purposes.