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Telecommunications Policy

Telephone Services

A campus-owned Nortel CS-1000 telephone switch is located in French Hall, Room 141. All telephone service requests are coordinated through the Information Services Help Desk Perfect Tracker ticket system. Voice calls are transmitted through the college-owned telephone switch and long distance calls are automatically directed to low-cost PRI trunk lines. All in and outbound college telephone calls are handled by the Nortel CS-1000.

Personal Identification Number

Faculty and staff who need to place off-campus telephone calls are provided a seven-digit authorization code or PIN #. This number must be dialed for all off-campus telephone calls, excluding toll-free calls where a pin number is not required. On-campus calls or local emergency numbers may be directly dialed without the PIN #.

Requests for Service

All telephone billing related requests should be directed to Telecom Manager via the Information Services Help Desk.

Individuals requiring telephone service should contact the Information Services Help Desk at (315) 386-7448 or via email at Information Services Help Desk (helpdesk@canton.edu).

The telephone related services include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Faculty/staff telephone installations, moves, repairs, and service feature support.
  • Voicemail service installation and feature support.
  • Telephone conference calling set up and support.
  • Faculty/staff cellular carrier reference and support.
  • Deployment and support of corporate cellular telephones.
  • Deployment and support of cable television service to the campus.
  • Student telephone extension service and repairs.

Student Telephone Service

A modular wall jack with dial tone is available in most, but not all, of the dormitory rooms in Heritage, Rushton, Mohawk, and Smith Halls. The same types of wall jacks are located in the common area of all suites within the Grasse River Suites facility. No telephone is provided by the campus, so students wishing to utilize the campus telephone service will need to provide and maintain their own telephone. A student wishing to make or receive calls via the campus telephone system would need to submit a request through the Information Services Help Desk.

With a telephone connected, a student may place 4-digit, on-campus calls and receive calls from on and off campus. Making off-campus calls would require the student to use a calling card, which they could purchase at the College bookstore or another retail store of their choosing.

Desk and Cellular Telephone Policy

This policy describes the assignment, use, and management of desk and cellular telephones by employees of SUNY Canton. SUNY Canton provides for the use of desk telephones by employees and cellular telephones for those individuals whose duties and responsibilities require immediate or remote communications capabilities.

The Vice President for Administration shall be responsible for the administration of desktop and cellular telephone use. The acquisition of telephone and cellular services and service plans shall be in accordance with the State University of New York Administrative Procedures Manual – Item 300 – Purchasing and Contract Procedures.

  1. Requests for Personal Identification Numbers (PIN #) are made to the Telecom Department via the Information Service Help Desk. A call detail report, for each user, is available by request to the Telecom Department.
  2. Requests for telephone service requests are made to the telecom Department via the Information Service Help Desk.
  3. The Vice President for Administration or designee will review the assignment of all desk and cellular telephones at least annually to assure compliance with this policy.

Cellular Telephone Policy

  1. A current inventory of all cellular telephones must be maintained.
  2. Each employee assigned a cellular telephone shall be primarily responsible for the security and maintenance of the unit and must immediately report the theft, loss, or vandalism of the unit to University Police.
  3. Each employee is responsible to review all incoming and outgoing calls made against their cellular telephone. Assigned cellular telephones should be used for official business related activities. Any non-state business calls placed against an employee’s cellular telephone is their personal responsibility for payment.
  4. A monthly usage bill will be provided to each employee assigned a cellular telephone. The employee is responsible for reviewing the monthly usage bill.
  5. Any employee assigned a cellular telephone who fails to comply with SUNY Canton’s cellular telephone policy may have their telephone privileges suspended or revoked and may be subject to disciplinary action.

Cellular Telephone Use While Driving

New York State law prohibits the use of hand-held cellular telephones while driving a motor vehicle.