Greek Organizations

Social fraternities and sororities at SUNY Canton must promote the growth and development of students who choose to affiliate with Greek letter groups and seek to promote the Greek system as an integral and productive part of the campus.

Fraternity and sorority programs to be adjudged successful must include at least the following elements:

  • Educational programming to enhance the Greek life member’s knowledge, under-standing, and skills essential for academic success, personal development, and the exercise of leadership.
  • Social and recreational programming to enhance the Greek life member’s knowledge, understanding, and skills necessary for social success and the productive use of leisure time.
  • Promotion, both within and without the Greek system, of a broad understanding of the Greek life member’s rights and responsibilities as defined by the College’s rules and regulations.
  • Advising, through the use of a presidentially-appointed advisor who is a member of the College staff, with regard to organizational roles and responsibilities.