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Space Management Committee

The State University of New York at Canton includes 16 academic/administration buildings and 5 residence halls comprised of approximately 1,100,264 gross square feet. In the successful planning, utilization, and assignment of campus space requires reasonable and strategic oversight. The facilities of the State University of New York at Canton are the property of the people of the State of New York and is not “owned” by the current users or occupants. The President is the final authority on all decisions regarding utilization of space and of the university’s properties. In recognition of the importance of space management and utilization of our assets, the President charges the Space Management Committee to fulfill this responsibility. Recommendations from the Space Management Committee will be considered and approved by the President’s Executive Cabinet.


The Space Management Committee is an administrative committee and shall consist of no more than eleven members. To ensure transparency and appropriate representation reflective of the campus the Space Management Committee shall include the Chief Information Officer, Director of Facilities Planning, Director of Student Accessibility Services, Dean of School of Business & Liberal Arts, Dean of School of Engineering Technology, Dean of School of Science, Health & Criminal Justice, Director of Physical Plant, Registrar, Director of Athletics, Recreation and Intramurals, Director of Dining Services, and Chair of the TLTC. In the event that a member cannot attend a meeting, that member may elect to send a representative from the unit/department.

Meeting Minutes

Space Management Committee




Kyle Brown


Chief Information Officer

Amanda Rowley



Michael McCormick


Director of Facilities Planning

Courtney Bish


Vice President for Student Affairs, Dean of Students

Megan Reidl


Director of Student Accessibility Services

Phil Neisser


Dean of School of Business & Liberal Arts

Michael Newtown


Dean of School of Engineering Technology

Michelle Currier


Dean of School of Science, Health & Criminal Justice

Patrick Hanss


Director of Physical Plant

Anne Drake


Assistant Registrar

Randy Sieminski


Director of Athletics, Recreation and Intramurals

Kelly Peterson


Chair, TLTC

Priscilla Collins


Director of SAIL

Jamie Burgess


Director of Alumni Engagement & Communications

Amber Baines


Special Events Coordinator


The Chair of the Space Management Committee is appointed by the President and serves for a period of one calendar year. The Chair can serve multiple terms, as appointed by the President.


Activities of the Space Management Committee will be transparent. Meeting agendas, meeting minutes, and the status of all requests will be available for review on the Committee’s website. 

Space Management Committee Responsibilities

The Space Management Committee is responsible for strategic and long- range space utilization planning and is responsible for the allocation and assignment of all non-residential University facilities, exterior spaces, and building aesthetics. The Committee must approve all requests involving a) changes in dimensional space e.g., physical expansion or construction of fixed wall workspace and/or b) changes in the functional usage of space e.g., from classroom usage to office usage, c) landscape / green space changes, and d) artwork and electronic displays. All space requests for changes in assignments, remodeling, leasing, exchanges, sales, or trades are subject to prior review by the Space Management Committee. The Director of Residence Life is responsible for space scheduling and assignment of all residential facilities.

C principle dean or director shall petition the Space Management Committee for all dimensional or functional space changes. The Space Management Committee will meet at least twice each semester e.g. September, November, February, April. The Committee will review petitions and assess their feasibility and compatibility with overall campus space needs using the appropriate campus planning guidelines e.g. Strategic Plan and Facilities Master Plan. Petitions may be approved as requested, returned for review of suggested alternatives, or rejected.

Space Management Committee Assumptions and Guiding Principles

  • Space is a key University asset, and effective utilization of this asset is critical to the success of SUNY Canton’s mission
  • Space must be actively managed and space assignments must be made consistent with University priorities, both academic and strategic
  • Members of the committee will work in the best interest of the institution
  • Reassignment or reallocation of space will be a collaborative process with the user or occupant of the assigned space to every extent possible
  • All space and utilization decisions shall be made with academic and strategic priorities as guiding and defining factors
  • Cost for space reallocation or reassignment that have been identified as part of a capital project are funded by the capital Costs associated with request for space or alterations to space outside capital projects are assigned to department or other funding source approved by the Vice President for Administration / Chief Financial Officer
  • Net assignable square foot standards for areas such as offices and per seat for classrooms are set by the Space Management Committee, using State University Construction Fund Facility Programming Guidelines and the New York State Building and Fire Codes

Submission Information

  • Deadline to submit for proposed Winter Break project is October 1.
  • Deadline to submit for proposed Summer Break project is March 1.
  • Completed proposals can be submitted electronically to cio@canton.edu

For questions or assistance with a request, please contact the chair at cio@canton.edu.

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