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Standardized Office Equipment & Software

The “Strategic Sourcing” initiative was implemented by SUNY in an effort to increase efficiencies at each campus. SUNY Canton has the ability to generate cost savings by better utilizing NYS Contract pricing, participating in aggregate purchasing efforts, and streamlining technical support and maintenance procedures.

This effort applies to all purchases made by all SUNY Canton academic and support areas, Grant requests that include electronics and classroom updates.  Any non-standard equipment you currently possess can be used until end-of-life. At that time, a standard option will be available as a replacement.

Implementation of this initiative will take effect immediately and all electronic equipment purchased for SUNY Canton will adhere to a standardized model. This standardization will include:

  • Copiers and MFUs
  • Department and personal printers
  • Desktop and Laptop computers
  • Classroom instruction technology

Per SUNY Canton’s Purchasing Policies and Procedures, all software, hardware and computer purchases need to be coordinated through IS.

Standardized department and personal printer options can be found on the SUNY Canton Information Services website. We encourage you to first consider using the multi-function unit in your area before procuring a stand-alone printer. Any request for a printer needs a justification submitted with the requisition. As a reminder, these machines cannot be purchased with a P-Card.

Desktop printers are not meant for large or color print jobs. You can access the copiers in FOB2 should you have a high volume of B&W printing. We encourage the use of the Potsdam Print Shop for large volume, color and special print jobs.

Desktop and Laptop computers are standardized at SUNY Canton. Dell e-Quotes can be found on the Information Services website and need to be submitted, or referenced, with your requisition. To take advantage of the aggregate purchasing incentives available, SUNY Canton is limiting computer purchases to two (2) times per year. This will typically be at the end of spring semester (May) and at the end of fall semester (December.) IS can provide temporary devices and accessories in the interim for new hires if one is not available for them.

Classroom Instructional Technology

If you are considering some type of software or technical device for your department please submit your proposal to IS for review and action. Please note that this can take some time to coordinate and act on, so please plan accordingly.


All hardware, software, programs, and other information technology (IT) procured from vendors must be accessible if the IT will be used to access college programs, services, or activities. 

  • Any person or unit responsible for the procurement of IT used to access College programs, services, or activities must obtain the following information from vendors: 
  1. A description of how the IT product or service is accessible to users, including individuals who use assistive technology; and
  2. A fully-completed Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). Any aspect of a product described in a VPAT as out of compliance must be accompanied by an accessibility roadmap detailing how and when the vendor will bring the product to full compliance.

Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) Accessibility, underscores our long-standing commitment to provide a welcoming and inclusive EIT Accessibility environment for all individuals. Effective June 20, 2019, SUNY’s Board of Trustee’s adopted the SUNY Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) policy which ensures that all online materials are created in a way that makes them accessible to all potential users. The policy applies to all staff, faculty and third parties providing electronic and information technology goods or services to or on behalf of the university.

The SUNY Procurement Accessibility Conformance Standards (PACS) were created to proactively address EIT accessibility within SUNY purchasing policies and procedures. This Standard serves as a baseline for EIT compliance and inclusion. It is intended for anyone involved in purchasing electronic and information technologies. The Standard is also applicable to free and open source software, including but not limited to publisher materials and Open Educational Resources.

Understanding the vendors’ commitment to accessibility can greatly aid the institution’s decision to purchase, adopt, and renew EIT. Underscoring the importance of accessibility in the beginning of the decision-making process will ensure the product better meets the needs of campus community members and prospective visitors, and will influence vendors to make these adjustments proactively.

In order to comply with Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) Accessibility Policy all SUNY Canton faculty and staff should utilize the Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) PACS Checklist Form as a guideline prior to purchase of electronic and information technology (EIT) goods and services. Questions about EIT accessibility or the policy should be directed to Kyle Brown, Assistant VP, Information Services, brownk@canton.edu.

Desktop Printers

Desktop printers have no maintenance coverage on them. Consider the age and the initial cost of the machine before placing a service call. Machines can be serviced by one of the following certified technicians:
The Store Computer Center – (315) 788-8830
Advanced Business Systems – (315) 788-7989

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