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Academic Recovery Required Learning Commons Hours

Students in the Academic Recovery Program must meet with their Academic Recovery Mentor during the first week of classes to develop a customized plan for completing their required weekly hours in the Learning Commons. Students can choose how they will spend their time in the Learning Commons (located in the Southworth Library building) using various resources to help them succeed in their studies. These resources include:

  • Textbook Loan Program
  • Technology (printing, laptops)
  • Research assistance
  • Study space designed for individuals and small group collaborations
  • Tutoring (required, choose lab and preference)
    • Business and Accounting Lab
    • Writing Center
    • STEM Lab (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
    • Online
    • On-campus
    • A mix of online and on-campus
  • Engagement events

For example, a student on high intervention (who needs to complete 6 hours/week in the Learning Commons) may develop a plan with their mentor to spend 2 hours in the Writing Center, 1 hour working with a Librarian, and 3 hours studying in the Learning Commons. A student on low intervention (who needs to complete 3 hours/week in the Learning Commons) may decide to spend 2 hours studying in the Cyber Cafe and 1 hour in the STEM Lab.

Students and mentors can adjust plans throughout the semester as needs change.

Learning Commons Hours begin September 5, 2022

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