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Engaged/Not Engaged Progress Survey

This is a survey done in all classes during the third week of the semester. Instructors are amazingly good at being able to tell which students are not performing at a passing level, and we think you should know.  By doing this early in the semester, our goal is to help you get on track before it is so late in the semester that you cannot recover.  

If you received an email from your instructor that says you are Not Engaged or Missing, it means they are making the time to let you know that they want you to succeed.

So, what do you do about it?

  1. Don’t panic, but don’t ignore it either. Read the email and consider instructor comments.  
  2. ASK FOR HELP. Are you struggling with access to the material? With the content? With family or transportation issues? What do you need to get on track in this class?
  3. Talk to your instructor. Talk to your advisor. Talk to another faculty or staff member that you are comfortable with to strategize what you need to do. Be sure that you understand what it will take to be successful in the course.  
  4. Spend time on the course. College courses are supposed to make you think. Sometimes that means just spending time with the material. Click around in the Blackboard shell to get a feel for it. READ. Take notes. Answer the questions. Think about the discussion board posts before starting them.  
  5. In some classes, it may already be too late to pass. If that is the case, then consider whether you need to withdraw. Ask your advisor about what your options are.

We have success mentors that reach out on flags and offer strategies based on your circumstances. If you have received a call or a text from someone asking about your flags and offering assistance, that likely came from our office. If you want to check, contact advising@canton.edu.